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Drawing up Semen Samples — Nifty Syringe Extension


A common question we get here at Reproduction Resources, Inc. is, “What do other folks use to draw up semen samples from disposable AVs or collection bottles?

The answers are numerous — from using insemination tubes or using straws and syringe adapters or draw-off tubes.  One popular option is using the 9-inch disposable transfer pipettes (Prod #70-1111) and a syringe, after a slight modification.  If you’re ever looking to extend the tip length of a standard luer-slip syringe, just cut the squeeze bulb off of a disposable transfer pipette and push it onto the syringe tip — the inner barrel of the transfer pipette is a perfect fit to syringes.  Great for drawing up semen from bags or bottles or moving a sample to a slide for analysis.  A box of 500 disposable 9-inch transfer pipettes is only about $31, so it’s an inexpensive way to add that extra reach to your syringe.

Have any tips or tricks you’d like to share with the community?

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Impact VIP Shipper – A Great Choice


Why choose the Impact V.I.P Shipper?

There are lots of reasons.

It’s compact.  We’ve done our shipping study homework.  With this new smaller size, save about $6.00 on air shipments anywhere in the U.S. as compared to the leading competitor shippers.

It’s convenient.  Easy to prepare and load with separate vessels for each sample.  The phenolic cool packs won’t deform if frozen incorrectly, either – so they’ll always fit.

It’s green.  The fiber insulating material and packaging are fully biodegradable, unlike the commonly-used EPS foam.

Price.  Our design efforts went beyond functionality — they were also focused on your bottom line.  Not only are our Impact VIP shipper units less expensive to priority ship — they’re also less expensive to purchase.

Item #:  988675  $16.28 eachVIPinner01