"PLUSET" FSH Alternative
Allowed For U.S. Import

Pluset FSH - a Folltropin V alternative - 1033800

PLUSET (follicle stimulating hormone / luteinizing hormone has been temporarily allowed to be imported to the U.S. to address a shortage of Folltropin (porcine pituitary-derived follicle stimulating hormone for injection) for use in inducing superovulation in reproductively mature heifers or cows. PLUSET IS NOT an FDA-approved product but has been granted a temporary exception to help address the shortage of FSH in the U.S. market. See product page for more information

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New in 2024

Our PATENT PENDING new product for insemination of frozen thawed equine semen.  Consisting of two parts: the rack and the plunger assembly.  Multiple straws (1-8) can be thawed and directly deposited into the catheter via the STUDS (Straw to Uterus Delivery System).  The rack section that holds the straws is disposable. 

Our Reproduction Resources family strives to offer you a complete line of artificial insemination and embryo transfer products for livestock and companion animals. If you don’t see what you need, let us know. 

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