Have You Tried X-ceed Lubricant?



At Reproduction Resources, Inc., all of our general purpose lubricants and jellies are non-spermicidal.  From our standard RR OB Lube to our Lubogel-VI to our Priority Care General Purpose Lube to our Priority Care 5oz Jelly, we have a range to suit all needs.  Whether for lubing up a shoulder glove, infusion tube, or the inside of an artificial vagina/collection device, there have been many sizes and viscosities to choose from.  While all are popular, functional and efficient, we had never engineered a lubricant specifically for sperm culture.  Now X-CEED non-spermicidal lubricating jelly is here — a lubricant specifically formulated for sperm.  With it’s ideal pH and balanced osmotic pressure, sperm cells have the best survival environment during your collections.  Viscosity is slightly thicker than our popular non-spermicidal gallon-sized lubricants, but slightly thinner than the well-respected and widely popular Priority Care Sterile Lubricating Jelly.  This happy medium translates to a more efficient coating of the AV.  X-CEED is water soluble, odorless and stainless, and may also be used for related animal health examinations purposes requiring an irritation-free lubricant.

Product #: 02-3006    5oz Tube