Drawing up Semen Samples — Nifty Syringe Extension


A common question we get here at Reproduction Resources, Inc. is, “What do other folks use to draw up semen samples from disposable AVs or collection bottles?

The answers are numerous — from using insemination tubes or using straws and syringe adapters or draw-off tubes.  One popular option is using the 9-inch disposable transfer pipettes (Prod #70-1111) and a syringe, after a slight modification.  If you’re ever looking to extend the tip length of a standard luer-slip syringe, just cut the squeeze bulb off of a disposable transfer pipette and push it onto the syringe tip — the inner barrel of the transfer pipette is a perfect fit to syringes.  Great for drawing up semen from bags or bottles or moving a sample to a slide for analysis.  A box of 500 disposable 9-inch transfer pipettes is only about $31, so it’s an inexpensive way to add that extra reach to your syringe.

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