Jim Griffin

It is a somber time for us here at Reproduction Resources and for those who have been in the animal health and ET business for many years.

Jim Griffin, founder of Reproduction Resources, Inc., formerly of Hebron, IL and more recently in Walworth, WI — passed away on Friday, August 23rd.  Jim had a lot of friends in our industry and was well liked by just about everyone he met.  Jim retired from Reproduction Resources in 2002 but kept in contact with a lot of folks he worked with these past ten years and regularly stopped by the offices to see how everything was going and to ask about his peers.  Beyond the business aspect — we will miss Jim very much as a friend, too.  We have known him our entire lives, growing up in the same small town, and then all moving to Walworth at the same time, remaining neighbors and friends.  He had a rough go of it these past several months with lingering heart and breathing issues.  We’re glad he’s not struggling anymore, but the rest of us will feel the impact of his loss for quite some time.

Jim’s wife Lorretta, his son Mic and daughter Cindy all worked with him during his years running the company.  Our condolences are with all of them.  We will miss you, Friend.