Custom Straw Printing Available

Did you know that custom straw printing is now available from Reproduction Resources, Inc.?

If you’re tired of writing identification information on straws over and over again, or you or an associate has less-than-stellar handwriting in that tiny format or you just don’t have the extra time for it — just call us.  Our electronic straw printing turns out clear, consistent results no matter how many straws you need!  Simply call or fax your order request in (by 2pm CST) and they’re printed and shipped the same day.  Professional quality that saves you from the time and tedium and at a great price.

What we can do:

1/2cc Straws:  Multiple straw color options with up to 3 lines of type, up to 70 characters per line

1/4cc Straws:  Clear or yellow, or custom ‘DT’ straws, 1 line of type, up to 70 characters per line.

Give us a call if you have questions or interest — we’re always happy to assist!

Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm CST @ (800) 331-0195