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Straw Adapter, Machined white, 1/4cc to 1/2cc

1/4cc to 1/2cc plastic adapter. Originally designed by Reproduction Resources, these adapters are consistent performers with a snug fit on the straws. Designed as a straw plug for 1/4cc straws with the benefit of being able to attach a 1/2cc straw to the opposite side for labeling purposes. Simply slide a labeled 1/4cc straw within the 1/2cc straw and you have an effective method for identifying its contents. Using these adapters in this two-tiered system will also allow viewing the contents of the straw while keeping the embryo down in the neck of the nitrogen refrigerator. This version is milled rather than molded and many believe this offers a greater grip on the straws.

Item: 44-0305
Size: each
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