Custom Straw Printing Available

Did you know that custom straw printing is now available from Reproduction Resources, Inc.?

If you’re tired of writing identification information on straws over and over again, or you or an associate has less-than-stellar handwriting in that tiny format or you just don’t have the extra time for it — just call us.  Our electronic straw printing turns out clear, consistent results no matter how many straws you need!  Simply call or fax your order request in (by 2pm CST) and they’re printed and shipped the same day.  Professional quality that saves you from the time and tedium and at a great price.

What we can do:

1/2cc Straws:  Multiple straw color options with up to 3 lines of type, up to 70 characters per line

1/4cc Straws:  Clear or yellow, or custom ‘DT’ straws, 1 line of type, up to 70 characters per line.

Give us a call if you have questions or interest — we’re always happy to assist!

Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm CST @ (800) 331-0195

Jim Griffin

It is a somber time for us here at Reproduction Resources and for those who have been in the animal health and ET business for many years.

Jim Griffin, founder of Reproduction Resources, Inc., formerly of Hebron, IL and more recently in Walworth, WI — passed away on Friday, August 23rd.  Jim had a lot of friends in our industry and was well liked by just about everyone he met.  Jim retired from Reproduction Resources in 2002 but kept in contact with a lot of folks he worked with these past ten years and regularly stopped by the offices to see how everything was going and to ask about his peers.  Beyond the business aspect — we will miss Jim very much as a friend, too.  We have known him our entire lives, growing up in the same small town, and then all moving to Walworth at the same time, remaining neighbors and friends.  He had a rough go of it these past several months with lingering heart and breathing issues.  We’re glad he’s not struggling anymore, but the rest of us will feel the impact of his loss for quite some time.

Jim’s wife Lorretta, his son Mic and daughter Cindy all worked with him during his years running the company.  Our condolences are with all of them.  We will miss you, Friend.

Fair Season

County and state fair season is upon us.  We wish our best to all of our Reproduction Resources customers this fair season in the showing and performance of your animals.  Here’s hoping that your season brings fun and friendship and learning, and that all of you have a safe, good time.

Equine Breeding Supply

It has now been six years since our acquisition of Equine Breeding Supply, Inc. (since the retirement of the Dyers).  The EBS Breeding Mount and all of its related parts and supplies continue to be readily available for our equine customers.  For those not aware, we have also expanded on some of the EBS line of products relating to the stallion breeding mount and collection supplies, including additional artificial vagina sizes, additional mount accessories, and additional extender supplies.

Please do not hesitate to call our offices (800) 331-0195 with any questions, comments, or to place an order.  We’re happy to help!

Care of Latex Artificial Vagina Liners and Cones

Here are just a few tips to keep your latex AV liners and cones in top condition.

1. When you take your liners out of the box, it is recommended by the manufacturer to clean and prepare them for use, first.  They should be thoroughly cleaned.  Turn the liner inside out and wash it with warm water and a mild detergent (a chlorhexidine solution diluted with water works great).  Rinse off the detergent or any residue and allow the liner(s) to soak in hot tap water for 60 minutes followed by rinsing with distilled water and a final rinse with 70% isopropyl alcohol.  Allow to dry completely.

2. Storage.  The top environmental enemies to natural latex products are heat and light.  When not in use, store the liners in a cool, dark place.  A paper bag in a refrigerator is ideal.  With larger liners, a paper bag in a cellar or similar steady-temperature dark place works well.  Avoid sealing them up in a plastic bag.

3. Usage.  The number one culprit for getting nicks and cuts in latex liners (which then spread, causing larger tears) is the human fingernail when stretching the liner over the end of the AV.  To avoid this, put on a pair of cheap wrist gloves before prepping the AV to keep your fingernails from coming into direct contact with the liner.

These tips will all help you get the most out of your liners — extending their useful life to the fullest, and saving you the expense of replacement.

Drawing up Semen Samples — Nifty Syringe Extension


A common question we get here at Reproduction Resources, Inc. is, “What do other folks use to draw up semen samples from disposable AVs or collection bottles?

The answers are numerous — from using insemination tubes or using straws and syringe adapters or draw-off tubes.  One popular option is using the 9-inch disposable transfer pipettes (Prod #70-1111) and a syringe, after a slight modification.  If you’re ever looking to extend the tip length of a standard luer-slip syringe, just cut the squeeze bulb off of a disposable transfer pipette and push it onto the syringe tip — the inner barrel of the transfer pipette is a perfect fit to syringes.  Great for drawing up semen from bags or bottles or moving a sample to a slide for analysis.  A box of 500 disposable 9-inch transfer pipettes is only about $31, so it’s an inexpensive way to add that extra reach to your syringe.

Have any tips or tricks you’d like to share with the community?

Give us a call!  (800) 331-0195

Impact VIP Shipper – A Great Choice


Why choose the Impact V.I.P Shipper?

There are lots of reasons.

It’s compact.  We’ve done our shipping study homework.  With this new smaller size, save about $6.00 on air shipments anywhere in the U.S. as compared to the leading competitor shippers.

It’s convenient.  Easy to prepare and load with separate vessels for each sample.  The phenolic cool packs won’t deform if frozen incorrectly, either – so they’ll always fit.

It’s green.  The fiber insulating material and packaging are fully biodegradable, unlike the commonly-used EPS foam.

Price.  Our design efforts went beyond functionality — they were also focused on your bottom line.  Not only are our Impact VIP shipper units less expensive to priority ship — they’re also less expensive to purchase.

Item #:  988675  $16.28 eachVIPinner01

Minitube International AG Germany Products Now Available Here

MTIlogoSmaller  Minitube International AG Germany Full Line of Products Now Available

News Release

Walworth, Wisconsin     May 30, 2013

Reproduction Provisions LLC of Walworth, Wisconsin is pleased to announce that an agreement has been formed with Minitube International AG, Germany, to act as their exclusive distributor in the USA and Canada for their animal artificial insemination and embryo transfer equipment and supplies. This new relationship will provide a new and convenient opportunity for customers to obtain products produced by Minitube International AG, Germany.

“Minitube International AG, Germany, is a well-known, highly respected global company that produces excellent products for the AI and ET industries. Our new relationship with Minitube International AG, Germany will add significantly to our product line-up. US and Canadian customers will definitely benefit from this new relationship” acknowledged Rick Schoenbeck of Reproduction Provisions LLC.

Minitube International AG, Germany is the world’s leading system supplier for reproduction technology in farm animals in the fields of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and related biotechnologies.  Their proprietary products are manufactured in their own state-of-the-art facilities in Tiefenbach, Germany, with support by a team of scientists, researchers and staff engaged in basic and applied research, product development, quality assurance, contract services and customer training courses. Minitube International AG, Germany closely cooperates with leading semen processing centers, universities and institutes around the world to stay on the leading edge of industry technology.

Reproduction Provisions LLC, formerly ITSI Provisions LLC, was founded in 2001 as a swine Artificial Insemination Supplier. It has evolved and grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of artificial insemination equipment and supplies for all species. Its sister company, Reproduction Resources Inc., was founded in 1986, and is a distributor of supplies and equipment for artificial insemination and embryo transfer of cattle, horses, small animals, and ruminants.

Have You Tried X-ceed Lubricant?



At Reproduction Resources, Inc., all of our general purpose lubricants and jellies are non-spermicidal.  From our standard RR OB Lube to our Lubogel-VI to our Priority Care General Purpose Lube to our Priority Care 5oz Jelly, we have a range to suit all needs.  Whether for lubing up a shoulder glove, infusion tube, or the inside of an artificial vagina/collection device, there have been many sizes and viscosities to choose from.  While all are popular, functional and efficient, we had never engineered a lubricant specifically for sperm culture.  Now X-CEED non-spermicidal lubricating jelly is here — a lubricant specifically formulated for sperm.  With it’s ideal pH and balanced osmotic pressure, sperm cells have the best survival environment during your collections.  Viscosity is slightly thicker than our popular non-spermicidal gallon-sized lubricants, but slightly thinner than the well-respected and widely popular Priority Care Sterile Lubricating Jelly.  This happy medium translates to a more efficient coating of the AV.  X-CEED is water soluble, odorless and stainless, and may also be used for related animal health examinations purposes requiring an irritation-free lubricant.

Product #: 02-3006    5oz Tube